As an experienced Systems Theory practitioner, I have worked with many organizations (large and small) helping leaders pave the way for greater success and better “vibes” in the workplace. I use a process called Action Research (which includes anonymous interviews of group members) to gather data and drill down to the issues that are holding groups back from their true potential. Without fail, the process calls for the intentional creation of more trust in relationships. Trust is the backbone of information flow, role clarity, and team performance. An aligned organization has a clear sense of its core values and how these values guide personal behavior as well as business processes. A clear mission (purpose) and a compelling vision for the future give group members a sense of meaning and commitment far beyond “the daily grind”. Leadership development takes on new meaning as managers begin to understand that changing their behavior can have a huge impact on the culture of the organization. As an Organizational Development specialist I bring a proven approach to creating intentional strategic plans, clear branding, and a dynamic new definition of success.